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'' Women don't need to find a voice. They have a voice and they need to feel empowered to use it, and people need to be encouraged to listen .''

 We understand the issues of limited beliefs, self-worth and the general mindset that women encounter, particularly women from ethnic minority backgrounds. Influences from home, society, culture, and religion hinder their personal growth and financial independence.


We enable women to understand the nature of their limited beliefs in various capacities and facilitate them to build their confidence to overcome these barriers to better their lives. The Skills Development and Coaching programmes are holistically designed to raise women's aspirations, develop their communication skills and build their numeracy and interpersonal skills.


The integrated approach to ethnic women's learning needs is delivered in a safe and secure environment for women to learn, build their  confidence and move forward positively in their lives. We take women on a journey of empowerment through our trainings and interventions. 

If you want to develop your skills to gain employment or start your own business, we provide mentoring from entrepreneurs who have run their own businesses and want to give back to their own local communities.


Our Empower HER three programmes are designed with a successful framework that emphasises developing women's mindset and personal skills. In each programme we help them to identify their aspirations and support them to reach their full potential helping them to live a life of prosperity. Women from ethnic minority backgrounds often compromise on their personal development due to influences from home, society, culture, and religion that hinder their personal growth and financial independence. We believe both are necessary for women to grow and contribute to their local communities and society, and that healthy and happy women make happy and healthy communities. 

Our Empower Her Skills Development Programme is a combination of personal and professional development, holistically designed to develop women's mindset, factional communication, and interpersonal skills. 

Empowered Living Programme


Empowered Living Programme is dedicated to helping women to go on a journey of self-discovery and recognize their aspirations challenging their limited beliefs and self-worth.

The programme will explore skills and abilities such as: 

  • Self - Awareness (Self Understanding)

  • Attitude (Adjustment to get Results)

  • Confidence (Affecting Triggers & Distinct types of Confidence)

  • Breaking Negative Beliefs and Habits 

  • Adaptability/Flexibility (Open to Change) 

  • Communication (Good Communicator) 

  • Collaboration (Team Player)

  • Analysis/Solution Mindset (Problem Solver) 

  • Digital Fluency (Technology Skills) 

  • Entreprenurial Mindset (Go Getter) 

  • Resiliency (Plans for Success and Bouncing back from Failure) 

The 12 - Week Bilingual Programme is divided into three sections: Personal Development, Digital Skills and Employability Skills or Business Start-Up.

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Road to Entrepreneurship
Business Start-Up Programme

This programme is specifically designed for women who have not yet started their businesses.


This full-length business start-up programme is designed for creative and enterprising women who have a business idea and are interested in finding out what is involved in running their own business. The programme is designed to help them bring their idea to life. 

The 12 - Week Billingual Programme is a 4 hour workshop, which runs weekly from 10am - 14:00pm. 

Life Skills Programme

Womens business

The Empower HER Life Skills Program aims to empower refugee women with language barriers. The life skills programme is specifically designed for refugee women with little English who have recently arrived in Britain and are seeking to build a new life and establish themselves in their new environment.


The Basic Life Skills curriculum aims to equip women with the emotional, social, and intellectual tools necessary to thrive in various aspects of life. It is designed to take women through a period of transformation and empower them to move positively and independently forward in their lives enabling them to self-sufficiency. 

The 12 - Week Billingual Programme is a 4 hour workshop, which runs weekly from 10am - 14:00pm. 

Life Coach
''Thank you so much for your help. I gained so much confidence and made some new friends at the workshops.''

Shazia Chaudri

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