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 We understand the issues of limited beliefs, self-worth and the general mindset that women encounter, particularly women from ethnic minority backgrounds.


Influences from home, society, culture, and religion hinder their personal growth and financial independence.


We enable women to understand the nature of their limited beliefs in various capacities and facilitate them to build their confidence to overcome these barriers to better their lives.

The Skills Development and Coaching programmes are holistically designed to develop women's communication, numeracy

and interpersonal skills.


The integrated approach to ethnic women's learning needs is delivered in a safe and secure environment for women to learn, build their  confidence and move forward positively in their lives 


Skills Development and Coaching Programmes

The Skills Development and Mentoring Programmes help women to identify issues that hinder their progress and create awareness around their limited beliefs.  It further identifies the skills they already have or need to achieve life goals that will raise their self-esteem, and confidence, enhance their employment prospects, and lead them to a more fulfilling quality of life.


The programmes are focused on women, especially from ethnic minority communities who are in receipt of welfare benefits. Its aim is to reduce women's dependency on state benefits and develop their skills to gain employment or start their own small business.


Collaborating at Work
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If you want to develop your skills to gain employment or start your own business, we provide mentoring from entrepreneurs who have run their own businesses and want to give back to their own local communities.


We offer:

​One-to-one coaching and group workshops

(online and face to face) and access to networks and marketplace 


For further information or to register your interest contact our team on 07709 376167 or email us at

The Journey of Transition and Transform


What are your talents, your dreams, and your aspirations?  

What would it take for you to be inspired and empowered?


To stand with dignity and self-worth and create the results in life you’ve always wanted?


The Transition and Transform is a healing and personal development programme with a combination of elements and strategies to produce behaviour changes and improve health status it is designed with the intervention of healing and personal development methodologies.  

It is specifically for women and young girls who are ready to move forward in their lives after having experienced traumatic events such as domestic abuse, divorce, or the death of a loved one, which can take an incredible toll on their well-being.


The Transition and Transform programme is a mind and body programme for women that is in a period of transition in their life and is looking for support, guidance and help to move forward in their life. The programme empowers women with the knowledge, support, and ability to thrive 

Taking notes

The programme helps women regain confidence and rebuild their lives through:

  • Dedicated caseworkers offering emotional and practical support

  • Mindfulness & Resilience 

  • Meaningful ongoing connection with a supportive community of women

  • Volunteering and opportunities for service users to get involved



The unique programme offers personal development support and self-help strategies that help to change attitudes,  beliefs, thoughts, and language to increase confidence and self-worth.


The second part of the training is a combination of skills development and career exploration and is delivered on-site and in a virtual setting by our certified trainers.


Contact our team for more information by emailing us at

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