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We are a community of passionate women and together we inspire to support the development of women’s education, economic and social welfare.


As a charity we support all women  especially vulnerable, marginalised ethnic women experiencing social and economic disadvantages of homelessness, mental health, domestic and economic abuse, prison, and those affected by the criminal justice system.

Empowering and investing in women and young girls is part of the global solution for us all, now and in the future

(Grace Machel 2010)

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Physical, Mental, Emotional and Economic Abuse

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Urgent support for essential work

Charities have been hard hit due to COVID-19. 

We face a huge battle of continuing to provide our essential support services.

Women facing multiple challenges and disadvantages require one-to-one and ongoing support.  Without your generous donations we cannot continue.

Please donate £10 a month or give one-off donation today. Without funding, this work cannot continue.

Income generation programmes sponsorship

We are determined to influence women, helping them to recognise and fulfil their potential, supporting them to live in dignity, just like us.

Language and cultural barriers and social isolation prevents women accessing local services.  Our training programmes cater specifically for these needs through digital platforms,         one-to-one and online help.

By simply sponsoring an individual cost of a woman to attend our income generation programmes, you will be helping women gain necessary skills and understanding how enterprise opportunities can offer financial independence.

Help them free the continuous cycle of poverty and abuse.

Please contact us for full details of how you can support the programme.

Innovate & Grow



Fully funded by Hounslow borough  Shewise in Partnership with SmarterSociety are offering Business support and mentoring programme to BAME women living in Hounslow. 


The programme is worth £2000 for each business with an opportunity to receive grant of up to £5000. 

WHEN:  Starting 6th Jan- 21st Feb 22

WHERE:  Online

TIME:  To suit you

For enquires and registration contact:  T:  07944817799                                              E:  salma@shewise.org



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"I am truly grateful to Shewise for providing me with an opportunity to kickstart my business directly in a retail environment, something which I would never have achieved on my own."

Halal Fresh


"If it weren't for these guys I won't have food for me to survive."

Natures Own

"Two days of Income generation programme  with training gave me the opportunity of a lifetime."

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All we do is made possible by generous donations. Every penny you donate helps towards Shewise improving the lives of women. 

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