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''The most important investment of our time is in our people and in our youth.''

SHEWISE believe heavily in investing in our Youth, and are proud to be creating new initiatives and projects in support of young South Asian and Middle-Eastern girls. We recognise specific cultural-based issues, affecting young girls in areas of wellbeing such as their Mental Health, Self-Esteem, Identity, Confidence and ability to establish Boundaries and Healthy Relationships.

We are also highly vigilant of the affect that different environments can have on the youth, such as exposure to Domestic Abuse. SHEWISE are working carefully to curate programmes that allow the Youth to be supported, as well as enabling professionals in educational institutions to be more well-equipped on providing adequate support to children and young people exposed to or experiencing Domestic Abuse.

We are currently offering programmes such as the iMatterToo programme to support Young South Asian girls with issues commonly faced in their community. To find out more, read below on how you can get involved. 

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Are you a professional a part of an educational institution and think this programme may benefit your students?

Contact our Programme Conveners on: 

T: 07709376167


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’iMatterToo" aims to provide young South Asian girls with the tools to navigate the significant challenges affecting their well-being and personal growth today. We believe that "iMatterToo" serves as the crucial component that has been missing in the current education curriculum.


Our innovative approach to learning empowers young South Asian girls to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their maximum potential. Central to the program is the enhancement of their comprehension of cultural heritage and the potential generational trauma that may persist within their families, having migrated for three generations.

The program, delivered across 12 weeks covering a range of topics, will employ a diverse range of methods, including storytelling, role play, art therapy, one-to-one peersupport, group discussions, activities, videos, and worksheets. Through these approaches, participants will be empowered to collaboratively address specific challenges they encounter.

These programmes are now being run in Secondary Schools and Colleges across Newham.

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