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In England and Wales, nearly one in five of us come from an ethnic minority ethnic background.

Challenges such as racism, stigma, and gender inequalities can affect the mental health of women from ethnic communities.

The situation is particularly dire for some women in minority communities, where barriers to language and culture can make it hard to seek and get help. ​



Women from minority ethnic communities often face disadvantages in society, they are more likely to:

  • Experience poverty and homelessness​

  • Do less well at school​

  • Be unemployed​

  • Be in contact with the criminal justice system​

  • Face challenges accessing services​

  • Older South Asian women are an at-risk group for suicide

Each of these can increase the risk of developing mental health problems.​ Whether you're concerned about your own mental health or a loved one, find out how you can get help.


If you are from a minority ethnic background, you may experience a different level of mental illness than the wider population.

Things like fear, stigma, and lack of culturally sensitive treatment can act as barriers to accessing mental health care for women from ethnic backgrounds.  

There are options available to help you to overcome some of these barriers. If you’re having mental health issues you can get help.   If you have problems with your support and treatment there are ways to deal with this and improve your care.

We provide mental health support or services to women from minority ethnic backgrounds.

Contact us today at:

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