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SHEWISE and Multi-Agency Training

''We cannot accomplish all that we need to do, without working together.''

SHEWISE offer multiple training programmes to service users across our different departments. Here at SHEWISE, we are also commited in training professionals from other agencies and organisations on areas such as Domestic Abuse awareness, and Cultural Competence training. 



We believe that there is still a huge gap in knowledge regarding culturally competent practices in the workforce. Being an organisation that are in support of Ethnic and Minority women, we honour any opportunities that allow us to spread awareness on how to maximise full support to all Ethnic Minority individuals, in a culturally competent manner. 

Based on this, SHEWISE have curated a Cultural Competency training for Professionals. The training will depict different facets to a culturally competent way of working with service users, with a thought-provoking focus on unconcious biases, understanding stereotypes and generalisations, the impact of culture in the workplace and understanding corporate culture in more depth.


One of the ways in which we support womens experiences of Domestic Abuse is through providing service providers with our Domestic Abuse Awareness workshop. The workshop focuses on key aspects depiciting a survivors experience of abuse, and information surrounding vigilance on being able to safeguard them. It aims to provide an enhanced lens on Domestic Abuse, and works to give service providers the tools and confidence to be able to recognize and report these issues in an informed and accurate manner.

The workshop also focuses on providing workshop attendees with relevant resources and services to enable them to be a source of support for survivors. Service providers will be informed on the legal and support services and practices available for survivors of abuse.



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