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Our Enterprise Development Programmes support women who are looking to get back into work or self-employment.

Through our Business Start Up Programmes we particularly assist women challenged with poverty and who are experiencing multiple disadvantages in relation to finding work, including prison leavers.


The ERP supports women who are experiencing barriers to employment, who are not in work or education and are looking to get into their next step to starting their journey of returning to the workforce.


We do this through supporting women with employment training, work experience and support with other employment related aspects, such as creating a CV and gaining a reference and individual coaching and through offering supportive, transitional work opportunities. 


Through coaching and training, we look to equip women and young girls with different resources, skills, and mindsets to get them work-ready whether it's employment or self-employment.​ They learn to take realistic steps to develop essential skills and confidence to help develop their potential.


At the end of the programme, those who wish to continue with support into the next phase, are introduced to new and exciting opportunities and career support.



We are proud to share that since 2017, we have helped support and facilitated numerous business platforms for minority ethnic women.

Shewise’s Business support programme is an innovatively designed, person-centred Business Start-up programme aimed at minority ethnic women entrepreneurs with: -


  • Skills but no business know-how

  • May be considering starting up a new business

  • Have ambitions of being self-employed

  • Who is already running an early-stage business


The programme trains and supports women in essential soft skills, and digital skills. These skills provide facilitation opportunities for them to sell their products in retail space and online markets like Amazon, Esty, eBay, and social media.

The programmes provide three stage opportunties:


Train and polish income ideas.

Delivered by qualified in-house trainers and a network of coaches and mentors from our strategic partners who are experts in their field.​


Access retail experience in our pop-up shop to test products and services in local settings. 

Space in local malls or hired out halls, organised by our admin team who liaise with local businesses and local authorities for sponsorship of platforms for women to sell their products from.​


Access to the online Shewise marketplace where women can sell their products.

Helps women to launch their product or service online through the facilitation of our online platforms, e.g., easy to manage marketplace and social media platforms


To show our commitment to support, a further 8 sessions of follow-up mentoring are provided to ensure we are with you addressing any practical and strategic help you may need. ​

By providing an online marketplace for women we want to be the catalyst in creating a community that facilitates an eco-system for women owned businesses by creating greater awareness among socially conscious shoppers and supporters of women owned businesses.


Register your interest for the next cohort to be launched in January 2024 to:

T: 07944 817799 o
r 07709 376167


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