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Find below our heart-warming testimonials from service users. We are grateful to each an every service user who trusts us to support, empower, and encourage you through our initiatives here at SHEWISE. We are incredibly proud to have been able to make a difference in your lives!

''SHEWISE has been an incredible pillar of support for me, especially during this daunting journey of establishing my own business. Always a phone call away. Her belief in my vision, gave me the confidence to transform this aspiration into a reality.''

Founder of 'The Ayuverda Nest'

For the first time in my life I found myself homeless with my daughter after fleeing a 22 year marriage of domestic abuse. I tried so many charities and domestic abuse helplines with nobody coming back to me. As it began to get dark, Salma from Shewise, was the ONLY person who came back to me with guidance and support. If it wasn't for her, my daughter and I would have spent the night in the car. When I was at rock bottom, she was an angel that answered my messages and put me in touch with Saima who spent a great deal of her precious time with me listening to my story and explaining the legalities of my case and next steps.  Can't thank Shewise enough. Please continue to help other's. You are literally life savers and very much needed in the community.

Noreen Sarwar 
Service User

''If you are alone, talking to people is important and can be helpful when you are struggling. I found iMatterToo 1-1 Sessions were helpful for me to feel better about myself.''

Leyanna Ahmad (Pseudonymised) 
iMatterToo 1-1 Young Person Service User

"Two days of Income generation programme with training gave me the opportunity of a lifetime."

Natures Own

"I am truly grateful to SHEWISE for providing me with an opportunity to kickstart my business directly in a retail environment, something which I would never have achieved on my own."

Halal Fresh

''Thank you for introducing me to the EmpowerHER course, I admire you all for your teams service and support for women in the community. I see my current job now as a progression from Shewise.''


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