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About us

SHEWISE is a voluntary sector organisation working at the grass root level to support the educational, economic, social development and mental wellness of ethnic minority women with a focus on South Asian women and young girls across London particularly in Tower Hamlets and Hounslow.


Our Holistic Model of Empowered Living focuses on developing attitudes, capabilities and opportunities for women and young girls. We enable them to realise and activate their own innate ability to be the primary agency in their life. We develop their interpersonal, employability and entrepreneurial skills,  building their confidence and ability to strengthen their willpower to practice creating new ideas and actions with values of wellness, self-care and internal freedom enabling them to pursue their goals to live a life of financial independence and wellness.  


We offer safe haven services and multi-level programmes that are culturally sensitive, personal and understandable to multicultural women and girls. Our programmes provide a holistic mixture of engaging bilingual workshops, skill development activities and mental wellness initiatives that target multiple barriers. We provide opportunities for women and young girls to exercise expression, explore creativity, and practice physical movement. 


Our holistic model of empowerment focuses on building new responses to experiences and relationships, helping women to move away from fear, trauma, isolation, loneliness and alienation that leads them to shame, guilt, and lack of self-worth. We provide knowledge and expertise to help them experience connection, belonging, grounding, freedom and expansion.


Resolving Health and Economic Disparities in Minority Communities 

SHEWISE is a UK registered charity no1179811. All our resources including finances, manpower and management capacity are invested in building resilience in communities at the grassroots level. We invest in services and intervention programmes that build gender equality, diversity and inclusion in minority communities supporting economic sustainability and mental well-being.


As part of our strategic plan, we actively aim to build capacity at the individual, organizational, and community levels to deepen awareness, embrace differences, and value relationships, making change possible. 



Our Mission

Support women to utilise their strength and adopt a “business mind” that will increase their capacity to generate income and become self-sufficient and financially independent to live a life of dignity.


Our Vision

A holistic ecosystem that enables and supports all women to have the opportunity for economic independence.

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Integrity - Be real, be courageous, and be authentic. Live our beliefs for success and stand up to our commitments

Leadership - Challenge the status quo! Be driven to shape a better future and remain responsive to change

Collaboration - Leverage the collective genius of individuals, groups, and communities

Innovation - Being insatiably curious and continually evolving

Passion - Committed in our hearts and minds - our passion motives us to practice, implement and excel

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