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SHEWISE is a voluntary sector organisation working at the grass root level to support the educational, economic, social development and mental wellness of all women particularly with South Asian and Middle Eastern women and young girls.


Our Holistic Model of Empowered Living focuses on developing attitudes, capabilities and opportunities for women and young girls. We enable them to realise and activate their innate ability to be the primary agency in their life. We develop their interpersonal, employability and entrepreneurial skills,  building their confidence and ability to strengthen their will power to practice creating new ideas and actions with values of wellness, self-care and internal freedom enabling them to pursue their goals to live a life of wellness and financial independence.  


We offer safe haven services and multi-level programs that are culturally sensitive, personal and understandable to ethnic women and girls. Our programs provide a holistic mixture of engaging bilingual workshops, skill development activities and mental wellness initiatives that target multiple barriers. We provide opportunities for women and young girls to exercise expression, explore creativity, and practice physical movement. 


Our holistic model of empowerment focuses on building new responses to experiences and relationships, helping women to move away from fear, trauma, isolation, loneliness and alienation that leads them to shame, guilt, and lack of self-worth. We provide knowledge and expertise to help them experience connection, belonging, grounding, freedom and expansion.





SHEWISE core values are a reflection of our foundation of work, and were formulated with the collaboration of staff and service users. We aim to work with: 


We believe in the power of the collective genuis of individuals, groups and communities. 


We take responsibility for our actions and decisions, acknowledging both our successes and failures.


Embracing creativity, adaptability, and a commitment to continous learning.


Challenge the status quo! Be driven to shape a better future and remain responsive to change.


We inspire and motivate others through our genuine enthusiasm and belief in the importance of our mission.



To empower women and young girls to activate their innate ability to be the primary agency of their own lives and change their mentality from “can’t do it” to “can do it.” To provide a safe, confidential, and welcoming space for minority ethnic women at our Shewise women's resource hub (SWRH).

To challenge and transform societal attitudes and beliefs, paving the way for future generations to break the cycle of abuse. We accomplish this by actively engaging with communities, particularly where knowledge and understanding are lacking. To raise awareness and provide valuable training programmes to communities and professionals.


Our vision is to create a world where

women and girls are free from:

HBV (Honour Based Violence)
Child marriage

Forced marriage

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

Where all women have access to quality education, economic opportunities and social support that enable them to thrive and lead to their full potential.

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