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About Us

As a charity we supports the educational, economic, and social development of women globally.

Our work supports women and young girls from diverse communities; enabling, assisting, and inspiring them through the provision of guidance, casework support, counselling, advice, signposting and training programmes that help them to believe in their abilities, and develop them to flourish in both new and existing businesses, employment, and career choices.

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Our Mission

To promote and support women especially women from minority ethnic communities to utilise their strength and to adapt a “business mind” that will increase their capacity to generate income, become financially independent and self-sufficient, eventually living life in dignity.


We seek to achieve this by harnessing the skills and economic power of women and promoting social inclusion and inspiring them to become more economically active.

Our Vision

Develop an ecosystem that enables and supports all women to have the opportunity for economic independence.
Create a women-centred, health-focused holistic system that addresses the root causes of poverty, mental and physical abuse, and homelessness through a network of women’s centres and provides services and support to all women experiencing complex needs and challenges.

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Integrity - Be real, be courageous, be authentic. Live our beliefs for success and stand up to our commitments

Leadership - Challenge the status quo! Be driven to shape a better future and remain responsive to change

Collaboration - Leverage the collective genius of individuals, groups, and communities

Innovation - Being insatiably curious and continually evolving

Passion - Committed in our hearts and minds - our passion motives us to practice, implement and excel

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