SHEWISE in collaboration with Community Eats provides hot meals and Food boxes  to homeless people every Sunday in Central London.


The project has been providing meal support and hot meals to the guests in central London since June 2016. 

We have teamed up with family, friends, volunteers and our partners to provide meal support, Hot meals, clothing, and refreshments to the homeless, refugees and anyone who does not have the means to a meal.

The food is served restaurant-style to homeless people and families in need, a process which includes greeters, waiters and a side of respect.  The restaurant-style initiative allows the homeless to “dine with dignity.

I matter too! project was created to encourage young girls into entrepreneurship. The project aims to build a mindset and thinking of entrepreneurship from an early age into young girls giving a choice of wider career options.

The program seeks to equip young girls with skills to connect education to entrepreneurship at an early age through female mentors from entrepreneurial backgrounds acting as role models so that girls can aspire to entrepreneurship in a range of different industries.

The unique mentoring program was a huge success in selected Primary schools in Central London.  We are looking to schedule launch in Secondary schools and Youth organizations.

Inspire me is a showcase of women sharing their stories of chasing their dreams. It features a variety of women from the worlds of politics, activism, sports, entertainment, journalism, and science.