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Women around the world face a daily struggle for equality, with hurdles such as poverty, disaster and displacement, lack of education and gender-based violence.


Since 2018, Shewise has been Advocating, campaigning, and delivering programmes to achieve women’s empowerment. 

Our Efforts in Pakistan


In Pakistan women make up almost half the country’s population, and yet only 24 per cent participate in the workforce.


Women seeking employment are mostly unable to find jobs due to large gender gap and discouragement to step outside the home for paid work. 


We believe increased women participation can impact an economy significantly.  It helps reduce income inequality, alleviates poverty and boosts education.


In 2019, Shewise launched pilot programme Learn Earn & Grow in partnership with local organisation and universities in Karachi and tapped into this large and underutilised pool of female talent.

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The objective was to replicate the Skills & development and income generation model and support women to get into the workforce but specifically supporting women who are challenged with poverty, experiencing multiple disadvantages in relation to finding work, and young girls who want to start self-employment to navigate their journey to a sustainable livelihood.

The Skills & Development and employment concept was introduced to over 150 students in combined universities.  The participation was phenomenal with over 50 students taking part in the initiative, presenting their business ideas to the rest of the campus, heads of faculties and the organisers.

Our work has shown us first-hand how supporting women’s empowerment whether in UK or around the world can change lives and help to breaking the poverty cycle for them their families and for the country.


Support us in our endeavour to transform lives and make a difference to women and young girls lives around in Third world developing countries.

Donate now and support women and girls. Help create sustainable change.

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