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Unveiling the 'A Thousand Cuts' Project: A powerful conversation with Sujata Setia on BBC London Radio. Click to hear in full!

Sujata Setia beautifully encapsulated her project 'A Thousand Cuts' which us here at SHEWISE have been incredibly proud of to support with. Listen below for the inspiring discussion!

In Sujatas words, 'A Thousand Cuts' is ''derived from the ancient Asian form of torture of lingchi (known death by a thousand ), A Thousand Cuts is an ongoing series of portraits and stories that present a photographic study of patterns of domestic abuse in the South Asian community. I have borrowed the metaphorical meaning of lingchi to showcase the cyclical nature of domestic abuse. The continuous act of chipping at the soul of the abused is expressed by making cuts on the portrait of the participant, while the prints are made on thin paper to depict the fragility of the existence. The final artwork is photographed in a tight crop to create a sense of suffocation and absence of room for movement.''

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