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How SHEWISE spent International Womens Day (or shall we say week!)

What a week! Press play to see how SHEWISE celebrated International Women’s Day. From celebrating with Hounslow Council with over 100+ women, to using our platform at different events to share our commitment to supporting young women and girls, we had an amazing time sharing our passion and dedication to supporting women and girls. International Women’s Day is a global movement that highlights the achievements of women and promotes gender equality. It’s a day to honor the progress made and to continue striving for a more inclusive and equitable world. SHEWISE aim to play a crucial role in supporting women and girls by providing trainings, resources, advice and empowerment programs. Together, one step at a time, we can build a future where every woman and girl can thrive and overcome the multiple barriers that they face and be able to reach their full potential #internationalwomensday 💪🌍

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