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Domestic Abuse victims to receive 'flee funds' to escape abusive partners

According to SKY News latest article on 09.01.2024 - Domestic Abuse victims will be set to receive 'flee funds' to escape abusive partners.

The article states, hundreds of domestic abuse survivors will receive cash payments of £2,500 each to help them flee their tormentors, under a new initiative.

The payments can be used for rent, study or household essentials to help them start new lives.

For victims feeling that finances are an obstacle to fleeing abusive partners, there will now be a set of funds to turn to to cover core costs during this time.

The payments will be available from 31 January and will continue until March 2025. We hope that this change will remain a long lasting effort to support victims of abuse.

The fund will be delivered via referrals from a network of local frontline service s in England and Wales including organisations, helplines and caseworkers who have a specialist understanding of domestic abuse.


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