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Control centres answering 999 calls need domestic abuse specialists on hand, the shadow home secretary says.

Speaking to the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg, Yvette Cooper said Labour would install the specialists to provide "expertise to deal with difficult cases".

It comes after Norfolk Police referred itself to the watchdog for not responding to a 999 call from a house where four bodies were later found.

This is an incredibly important initative needing implementation. Domestic abuse affects everyone, but the experiences of minority ethnic communities often go unnoticed. The recent news underscores the critical need for tailored awareness training to address the unique challenges faced by individuals in these communities.

It's vital to recognize that cultural nuances, societal expectations, and language barriers can further complicate the experiences of survivors. By fostering a more inclusive approach to domestic abuse awareness, we empower communities to break the silence, seek support, and create a network that understands and respects diverse backgrounds.

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