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''A Thousand Cuts'' Event attended by Sadiq Khan - Domestic Abuse through the lens of Creative Expression

Updated: Jan 30

Tackling Difficult Conversations: 21.12.23 - A Thousand Cuts SHEWISE Proudly hosted our event “A Thousand Cuts” at City Hall London yesterday, honouring thought-provoking and impactful artistry by @sujatasetia covering the different narratives of Survivors of abuse. There were insightful discussions surrounding barriers survivors face and an in depth opportunity to unpack the different experiences of abuse faced by survivors of South Asian and Middle-Eastern Communities.

Thank you to Sadiq Khan for attending our event to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse within South Asian and Middle-Eastern communities.

Thank you Hounslows MP Ruth Cadbury for attending our event and being one of our panelist’s in this incredibly important discussion.

Thank you to Hounslow Council and Southall Black Sister for partaking in the Panelist’s discussion and giving SHEWISE the opportunity to further shed light experiences of Domestic Abuse in South Asian and Middle-Eastern communities.

We are incredibly proud to have been able to come together and shed importance on such a crucial and life altering issue experienced by many. SHEWISE will continue to be committed to raising awareness and welcome all those who are looking to do the same, and be part of creating long-lasting, impactful change for all Women and Girls.

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