Plan Your business in simple steps

Plan your business in simple step. Learn the secrets of business planning

1.	Developing Self-Awareness

This workshop will take you on a journey of self discovery - Get to know yourself.

Girl Break Your Limiting Beliefs

Learn to stop limiting yourself and build a life of unlimited possibilities.

Develop your creativity to start a business

Lear how to use your creativity to build a business driven by your passion.

How to build a team

Discover how to build a team that can help you achieve your business goals

Learn Time Management

Want to better manage your time better, learn 5 key elements of managing yourself in the time you have.

Learn the Language of Business Numbers

Learn the seven financial numbers every business owner should know.

Learn to Communicate Effectively

Communication is the response you get! Be responsive to the response your getting Learn to communicate effectively

Build your confidence

Build your confidence and self esteem through mindfulness and assertiveness

How to start an online business

Learn different types of online businesses and which one will work for you

Learn Social Marketing

Discover different social media platforms and which one is work for your business.

Bookkeeping & Taxation

Learn how to manage your business cash flow and taxation

Leadership and You

Learn to understanding leadership and build your own personal leadership style authentically

Business Growth

Learn five ways to grow your business to build sustainability

Seven Steps to Building Your Business

Learn seven key steps to building a solid foundation for your business