Social Disadvantage 

No Food, No Money, Homelessness, Refuge, and Unemployment

Although the predominant aim of our organization is to inspire women into entrepreneurship, however, we are much more than that. 


Our social support concept evolved through the enterprise initiative, where participants are often women experiencing multiple challenges along with their families.  In order to accommodate and support these challenges, the organization diversified its services.  In 2018, Shewise registered as a charity.



Millions of people give charity on a regular basis to support causes they believe in as well as for the positive effect it has on their own lives.  But it can be challenging to assess where to direct your support for maximum impact.


Our charity mission is to help anyone in need.  Shewise also provides a crowdfunding platform that allows citizen philanthropists to find specific community projects from individuals and families in need of essential items, support, and survival resources. 

Founded on the belief that to provide consistent and impactful community support, people need to donate more freely, and this can only be achieved if they could see exactly where their money was going.  

The projects are delivered through our centers, outreach programs, and courier deliveries. 

Who we help

We work with individuals and families from all walks of life because as communities we all face similar problems.  We deliver coordinated services and create awareness with other organisations and multi-agencies.

We support them by providing hot meals, monthly food parcels, basic clothes, and basic necessary items.  We also support them through the provision of guidance, casework support, counselling, healing, advice, training, workshops, signposting, and developing skills enabling them to make real positive changes in their lives.

How we help

To ensure the needs of individuals and families are met with consistency and transparency, we devised a system where requests for donations are posted on our platform. 

Donors then select the opportunity to connect to their choice of support. The donors are always in total control of their contributions. They get to see where their money is going and monitor progress through photos and updates. 


In 4 simple steps, the donors can see the delivery and the impact of the donation.

  • Select your inspired request and give as little as £1.00

  • We fulfil the order when the request is fully funded

  • We organise the items or support directly to the recipient

  • You get confirmation, thank you with complete transparency


To ensure integrity, we screen all requests, purchase items, organise support and deliver services directly to your selected donation.

Every donor gets a thank you from the recipient.  Photos of the items and support received and a report of how your money was spent.



We know that you care about how effectively your donation is being used.  That is why we show you how every pound was spent, how you made a difference, and how grateful the recipient is.

From vetting every request to providing resources, financial transparency and accountability are core to our model.  95% of funding directly supports program costs and in some cases 100%. 


Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we generate funding from personal, networks of friends and family, engaging the broader public on a local international level, local businesses, NGOs,  As a result, 75% of donations on your choice come from donors who never met the families they are giving to.




The project has been providing meal support and hot meals to Women and Men in central London since June 2016. 

We have teamed up with family, friends, volunteers, and our partners to provide meal support, Hot meals, clothing, and refreshments to the elderly, homeless, refugees, and anyone who does not have the means to a meal.  Hot meals, drinks, fruit, and biscuits are served every week on Sunday from our Central London center.

Give as little as £1.00 to support a daily meal for the vulnerable members of the community.


The coronavirus lockdown and restrictions have severely affected many, but the hardest hit are the underprivileged and the low-income families who are experiencing food insecurities,   The Meal box support campaign helps to ensure these families continue to have food.


The meal box support provides packets of dry food to the neediest both here in the UK and abroad in selected regions.  Donations are required more than ever to continue supporting communities as we overcome this crisis together.


How does it work

Choose a family in need with a monthly box of groceries and help ease the burden of hunger and poverty.

Each request is assessed for eligibility before offering food support.  The eligibility is based on those who do not have funds to purchase food.  

Food boxes £10.00

The food packages given contain 10 meals, lasting for 3-4 days, and provide a nutritionally balanced range of long life/ tinned ingredients.


Your monthly donation will help provide enough groceries for an average of 20 meals each month for a family struggling with hunger.

Once you sign up, you will be matched with a family of communities we sponsor and email you information about your new family.


The 20 meal portions contain uncooked items for preparing meals for a family 4 for a whole month.  We will purchase groceries to provide an average of 20 meals per month and have them delivered to our partner outreach coordinator for your sponsored family.




Physical & Mental, Emotional and Economical Abuse

One in five people have experienced domestic abuse in an intimate relationship and 60% of all cases happen to be women. 

Mental, Emotional, and Economical abuse are common forms of abuse and are just as serious as physical abuse and can have long-lasting effects. It involves an abuser restricting a person’s ability to acquire, use and maintain money or other economic resources like:

  • Restricting partner's access to money,

  • Forcing them into debt

  • Preventing them working 

  • Refusing to allow access to a car, mobile phone, etc...


Increased rates of multiple violence especially during the pandemic, have meant more women, particularly those with young children, need support.


We work with organizations that support women experiencing or have experienced social and domestic abuse and women who want to leave an abusive relationship and now want to move on and rebuild a life.  

Sponsor a woman in need for just £25 a month.  Help her to stand on her feet with dignity and without fear, violence, and abuse.



Women in Transition programme supports Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) women experiencing or have experienced the criminal justice system and upon release, are affected by disadvantages and discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, and religion.


The program address the often-overlooked interconnected issues of faith, ethnicity, and gender, as well as dishonour, Shame, disownment, stigmatizing, stereotyping, and lack of family and community support, upon release.

The 4 weeks Personal Development program is designed to support women by providing: 


  • What can be done to stop them from re-offending

  • How they can overcome cultural barriers when faced with family and the wider community

  • How they can access services which often they are unable to, due to "shame"

  • Help so they can build self-confidence and self-esteem which focuses on personal development

  • Providing a platform to learn new skills and to become financially independent




Skills Development

Our philosophy of development is to tackle the root cause which requires development in the first place.  We understand the issues of limited beliefs and the mindset women encounter particularly women from ethnic minority backgrounds, encounter from home, society, culture, and religion.

The skills development program helps women to identify issues and create awareness around their limited beliefs.  It identifies the skills they already have or need to set life goals that will raise self-esteem and confidence, enhance employment prospects, and lead them to a more fulfilling and quality of life.


Employment readiness program (ERP)

The ERP Program is 6 weeks of coaching and training sessions for young women between the age of 16-25 who aren’t in work or education and are looking to get into their next step. Through coaching, we look to equip young people with different resources, skills, and mindsets to get them work-ready whether it's employment or self-employment.

They learn to take realistic steps to develop essential skills and confidence to help develop their potential. After the 6 weeks, those who wish to continue with support into the next phase, we introduce them to new and exciting opportunities and career support.

 The program includes:


  • Training and seminars on self-assessment and career exploration, resume writing, interviewing techniques, dressing for success, networking, and Business ideas.

  • Employment and self-employment opportunities,

  • Workshops, which focus on soft skills and knowledge about personal well-being.





Women Entrepreneurial Development Program (WEDP)


The Women Entrepreneurial Development Program is an innovatively designed program to enable women to raise their self-esteem and confidence, develop their financial literacy, and invest in income-generating activities.


The program focuses on women launching a business or grow their existing business and compete in the marketplace.


It's a top-down approach to developing women's mindset, business skills, and access to the marketplace through the facilitation of technology and networks.


The program is specifically designed to:-

  • Support women with skills but no business know-how.

  • Those who may be considering starting up a new business

  • Have ambitions of being self-employed.

  • Those who are already running an early-stage business


                                          Sponsor a woman for £100 to receive the WEDP and you will be helping her to live a life in dignity 


By simply sponsoring you will be helping to support the necessary needs and demands of desperate women.

Thank you for supporting our work!

To make a one-off donation.  Please make a payment to:



Sort code: 20-42-76

Account: 33620050


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